Turing a passion into action

By junior Zoey Wiese

Indianola junior Megan Daniels has a passion for racing. When asked when she started, she said, “I started racing two years ago on my 15th birthday.” Two years is a lot of time to train and get used to the cars. Daniels feels excitement, as well as a little bit of stress while she is driving. Adrenaline makes her enjoy the ride.

Next, she was asked if she planned to continue the passion after high school. Daniels said, “I want to move up to Sprint cars and race in Knoxville.” Knoxville is the place she dreams to race in, and she continues to work hard to achieve that. When asked if there were any racers that she looked up to as role models, she said, “I look up to Tanner Holmes, a Sprint car driver in Oregon, and a few that race in Knoxville.”

Racing has become a fun hobby for Daniels, and it motivates her to work hard and be better. She loves that she gets to share this hobby with family members and friends.


A scoring success

By junior Carissa Fox

Different hobbies can make people feel a sense of peace and joy. For me it is writing, dancing, and singing. For you, it might be crocheting or riding horses. But no matter what the hobby is, it can bring people together, and these interests are what makes us special. I asked a student at IHS to tell me their hobby, why they love it, and maybe what connections they make while doing that hobby.

Keegan Aberson-Distler is a junior at IHS and is involved in many things at the school. She is on the girl’s soccer team, choir, band, orchestra, the musical, and show choir. On top of all her classes, these extracurriculars can be a tough thing to juggle, but she makes it look so easy. 

“I have many hobbies, but my number one would have to be soccer,” she said. “I love doing it because I stay in shape and because I love the team and the friendships it creates.”

We all have something that we love to do. The interests we have are a part of what makes each and every one of us special. Even if it’s something as simple as collecting bottle caps, each person has something that makes them special, and we can create connections with people through these interests.


Finding common ground

By junior Carissa Fox

Izzy Vanderpool is a junior at IHS and is involved in a couple of things at the school. She is in the FFA chapter and girls golf. One thing that Izzy loves to do in her free time, which no one really knows about, is racing. 

“My hobby is riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes with my brother and my cousins,” she said. “I love it because I get to spend time outside in nature, and it is a way for me to bond with my family. My cousins, brother, and I usually argue all the time with each other. But, all of that goes away when we are out on the track because it’s the one thing that we all love to do.”


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