Hard-fought competitions,
hard-earned rewards

By senior Miles Combs

In track for both girls and boys, these athletes find a way to reward themselves after running during each practice and competing in their respective events during the meets. By rewarding themselves, these athletes find the motivation to get up the next day and do it again. Indianola Track athletes like Bailey Blake, Alivia Bauer, Logan Hoger, and Warren Breeden each find ways to reward themselves after a hard workout or meet.

Sophomore Logan Hoger finds a simple but effective way to keep himself motivated for the next meet or practice. “After a hard practice or meet, I like to take time and look back at it,” he said. “I see how I can improve the next time, and I make sure to give myself some credit for completing the workout.” 

Junior Warren Breeden likes to find ways to reward himself and keep himself motivated for the next practice. “I like to go out and eat with a couple of friends as a type of celebration, and after that, I go home, stretch, and go to bed,” he said.

Senior Bailey Blake likes to keep it simple when it comes to treating herself after a hard meet or practice. “I’d say I’d treat myself by drinking chocolate milk,” she said. 

Blake’s fellow teammate and fellow senior, Alivia Bauer, also finds ways to keep herself motivated to get through the next hard practice or meet. “For big meets, like districts or State, I usually promise myself a smoothie or something if I do well,” she said. “It’s kind of an extra motivator to keep myself from getting discouraged.” 

For track athletes for both boys and girls, it seems that it tends to be very beneficial for them to get through their tough practices and meets. It proves to be an extra motivator and helps these athletes strive to get and be better.


Treat yourself

By senior Miles Combs

Athletes tend to find a way to reward themselves after a hard but very rewarding practice or game. Rewarding oneself can serve as a bit of an incentive, and it provides a bit of extra motivation to get the practice done or game done. Rewards have proven to be beneficial in the past as athletes strive to get better.

In soccer, for both boys and girls, our teams can go through some gruesome practices and hard-fought games. So, rewarding themselves can and is important to these athletes to maybe serve as a motivation to keep on going and to keep playing. Indianola Soccer athletes like Kaitlyn Garner, Elijah Trotter, Brayden Beinhart, and Faith Evans all find ways to reward themselves after a hard workout or game.

In boys soccer, junior Elijah Trotter treats himself after going through a long, grueling workout or grind-it-out game. Trotter rewards himself by going home and eating some victory pizza if they end up winning the game. 

Fellow male soccer athlete and also a teammate of Trotter’s, senior Brayden Beinhart rewards himself similarly to his teammate. “I usually just eat and go to bed,” Beinhart said. Whereas it may not seem like much, but for Beinhart, it’s enough to look forward to eating and getting the rest that is well deserved.

In girls soccer, an athlete also rewards themselves similarly but also differently than their counterparts of the boys. Senior Faith Evans has found ways to reward herself after a hard practice and a hard-fought game. “I like to reward myself by going out to eat,” Evans said. 

Evans’s fellow female teammate, senior Kaitlyn Garner, also finds a way to reward herself after a game or practice. After each practice, she showers and rolls out her legs and makes sure to go to bed early for her next game or practice. “After games, some of us will go out for food and that’s always a fun time,” she said. 

For these athletes, rewarding oneself has proven vital to stay motivated and to keep striving and grinding through each practice and game. These athletes are happy to look forward to their self rewards.