Putting others first

By seniors Riley Davidson & Trevor Valentine

Seniors Kate Murphy, Kaitlyn Garner, and Grace Smith created the Environmental Awareness club to help out the surrounding community. This group has hit the ground running by organizing a couple activities to better the environment.

“We want to inform people on ways to help out our environment even if it’s just the little things,” Garner said. 

“So far, we have had a dodgeball tournament to raise money for the Australian wildfires, and we also came to the high school one weekend and cleaned up the parking lots,” she continued. “Our goals for the future are to keep having events to raise money for different organizations and hopefully more people will join so we can maybe do more community work together. We might have Jessica Anderson take over since she’s one of the officers right now. We’re thinking about voting so it’s more fair and everyone gets to voice who they think should take over.”

These ladies have been working hard to assist a greater cause by finding fun ways to raise money. 


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