Finishing strong through uncertainty

By seniors Riley Davidson & Trevor Valentine

These students tell us their goals for the fourth and final quarter of the year. Having these set goals will hopefully push them in the right direction even though we are in unprecedented times. 

“My goal is to get at least a 3.8 GPA or higher,” Alexis Burk, junior, said. “I will get this by studying and keeping good attendance throughout the quarter.”

“I plan on trying to do good on the finals at the end of the year,” Malachi Thomsen, freshman, said. “My goal is to finish the year with a 4.00 and get over a 90 on the finals.” 

“I plan on studying harder, putting my plan into action, and being more curious by asking questions,” Bryce Wilbur, senior, said. 

Since these are Wilbur’s last moments in high school, he has also been planning out his future goals.

“I aim for testing for my first dan in taekwondo after the end of school and my second dan a year later,” he continued. “I plan on going to DMACC for my Liberal Arts, with a center around political science. I am then going to go to Simpson to major in computer science and hopefully minor in economics. I want to go into a computer programming or engineering sort of job. I also hope to establish a bank firm and build up my own banking company.” 

The end of third quarter was an unusual one, but these students are eager to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves for the end of the school year.


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